Writing Strategies for the Web

“This course is leading to change in our process for writing.”
– Donna Williams, Atlas of Canada, Natural Resources Canada

Web designers have long known that online information is fundamentally different from its paper counterpart. Now you can get this same knowledge in a two-day workshop that applies the WordTask writing process to the Web—from the planning and design of the site, through to the revision of its text, using the principles of plain language.

Note: For in-house sessions, we can combine the techniques of any of our other courses for specific Web application. This course is not a workshop in either HTML or Java scripting.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who contributes to the design and writing of Web pages, for the following types of information:

  • marketing materials, such as press releases and advertising
  • procedures and instructions
  • detailed descriptive information

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • determine which materials belong on the Web and which do not
  • apply the writing process to web-based documents: planning, design, drafting and revision
  • distinguish paper-based design from Web design principles
  • anticipate the reader’s need for varying levels of detail on the site
  • apply techniques for writing technical descriptions and procedures
  • ensure that the visitor can navigate your site easily
  • write in a style appropriate to the Web
  • identify and correct the grammar errors
  • measure your site’s effectiveness with a usability checklist

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