Advanced Workshop for Technical Writers

This two-day course is a survey of the process for developing technical information in either online or paper media. With the use of a series of case studies and practical exercises, participants learn to plan, design, draft, and verify documents to meet the requirements of the real world of tough deadlines and squeezed schedules.

Who Should Attend
Technical writers and managers who produce technical documentation

Technical editors

Leaders of documentation teams

Course Topics
This two-day workshop addresses the following topics:

  • Analysis of your existing documentation process
  • Overview of the technical documentation process
  • Planning phase
    • producing the documentation plan
    • addressing project management issues: scheduling, estimates, design
    • determining audience needs
  • Design phase
    • building the design specification for your document
    • using the specification for team-written documents
    • conventions of structure and design
  • Drafting phase
    • practicing the principles of effective procedures and descriptions
    • drafting quickly to reduce overall documentation time
  • Revision phase
    • avoiding common style and grammar errors
    • verifying document effectiveness and quality

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