Writing Effective Marketing Materials

“This was an excellent course, and well delivered!”
– Robin Keeler, Tundra Semiconductor

This two-day course is designed specifically for writers who must provide persuasive marketing information. The course devotes attention to the writing of press releases, marketing documents, annual reports, and other promotional materials. We give special consideration to the strategies for converting dense technical detail into crisp, focused promotional information.

Through this course, participants learn to improve their marketing documents, while reducing the total writing time. The course provides industry-wide design standards for structuring marketing information, for integrating text and graphics effectively, and for making their documents more readable.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who must give technical documentation a marketing or promotional focus in documents such as

  • annual reports
  • product descriptions
  • press releases
  • newsletters
  • information letters

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • use an efficient writing process: planning, design, drafting, revision
  • derive an effective strategy for converting purely technical information into marketing and promotional materials
  • understand the motivational nature of marketing materials
  • maximize the computer as tool for planning and organizing your ideas
  • use quality-control methods to meet your reader’s needs and measure your document’s effectiveness
  • use models for persuasive and compelling promotional documents
  • apply effective structure to news releases and information letters
  • guarantee that information in the document is easy and fast to locate
  • write in a style appropriate to marketing and promotional information
  • identify and correct the grammar errors

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