Documenting Process & Procedures

“Very helpful….There was not one section I cannot use.”
– Karen Anderson, JDS Uniphase

With today’s focus on quality assurance, business process re-engineering and ISO 9000, organizations need to document the process by which they do business. How you produce your product or service is as important as what you produce. This two-day course provides you with the models for documenting work processes and the techniques for quality-testing them.

Whether you’re looking to obtain ISO certification or to communicate your work processes clearly to your staff or colleagues, this course will develop invaluable skills for managing and encouraging a quality process in your organization.

Who Should Attend
Those responsible for process and procedural documentation, including

  • managers who want to document current or expected work processes
  • anyone working toward improved awareness of a work process, ISO requirements, or business process re-engineering

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • determine your needs for process documentation
  • apply various types of process and procedures documents
  • benefit from the links among the overall process, the individual procedures, and the performance criteria
  • determine your audience’s need for procedural or process documents based on critical success factors
  • assess your current or expected process before you start documenting it
  • distinguish the types of compliance such as contractual obligation, ISO certification, corporate standards, and expected results
  • design effective process and procedures documents by layering information effectively, organizing information around the tasks to be performed, and linking those tasks to performance expectations
  • draft a clear document quickly, with specialized methods for presenting procedural information
  • quality-test your process and procedures documents with specialized revision strategies

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