Customized In-house Training: Classroom and eLearning Formats

The one-size-fits-all approach to writing training usually fits no one in particular.

At WordTask, we confront the daily realities of various document types being written in diverse circumstances for a multitude of readers.

For example, we know that technical writing is not the same as correspondence writing and that proposals differ radically from letters and memos.

A full complement

Your organization’s writing tasks vary, and so does our curriculum. Our wide range of courses, in classroom and webinar formats, addresses the following documentation types and skill sets:

  • technical documents produced by those who are not primarily technical writers
  • technical information written by professional writers
  • business documents such as letters, memos, reports, meeting minutes, proposals, and business cases
  • end-user documents such as user guides, reference cards, on-line procedures and help instructions
  • process and procedures documents, such as business requirements, corporate standards and policies
  • evaluation and audit reports

Training how and when you need it
To meet your organization’s needs before, during, and after the training session, we evaluate your education needs through precise feedback mechanisms that tell us about

  • the unique features of your documents
  • your process for producing them
  • the challenges you face in achieving quality and efficiency

Your instructor is trained to customize even in the classroom, ready to alter the agenda to meet unforeseen needs. To this end, we encourage participants to bring examples of their writing to the session. Our courses are thus never theory for its own sake; you apply the tips and techniques on the spot.

What’s more, we come to you, at a time to suit your schedule, offering courses on-site or off. Participants receive a course manual tailored to the documentation they produce. Instructors provide in-class feedback to exercises that simulate the documentation process as it happens on the job.

You learn the principles of effective workplace writing, with expert attention to your specific communications needs.

If you are interested in bringing us in for an in-house session, provide us some information on your needs, without obligation.