Writing RFPs: Precision, Accuracy, Results!

This two-day course applies our unique business writing process to the specific demands of Requests for Proposals (RFP). Participants learn to organize their ideas to allow the reader to understand the requirements quickly and easily. To enhance the readability of your RFPs, we devote special attention to structuring the document according to sound, current design principles. In addition, the course addresses common grammar and style flaws that occur in RFP documents.

Who Should Attend
Writers of RFPs looking to

  • reduce the time spent writing
  • improve the clarity of the statement of work and the project requirements
  • apply effective page layout and design principles

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • apply the writing process to the various tasks of researching, preparing and reviewing RFPs
  • consider the project requirements from the supplier’s perspective
  • maximize the computer as tool for planning and organizing your ideas
  • apply specific models for organizing the individual parts of an RFP
  • provide the right level of technical detail
  • apply techniques for writing technical descriptions and procedures
  • guarantee that the information in the document is easy and fast to locate
  • identify and correct the grammar errors that most often arise in RFPs

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