Writing Better Email

Email is the communication medium we love to hate! We really want to write less of it, but we can’t seem to reduce the time we spend doing it.

In this fun, fast-paced three-hour session, you will improve your email writing techniques — and improve your efficiency at the same time.

Who Should Attend
Those who

  • spend more time on their email than they want to
  • are interested in improving their email effectiveness

Course Topics
In this three-hour workshop, you will learn to

  • identify and write to your audience
  • recognize and eliminate form-letter fatigue and correspondence clichés
  • get your message across the first time through–from the subject line down
  • cut down the calls from readers seeking clarification
  • spend less time drafting and re-drafting emails
  • improve your email style and grammar
  • design your email for quick reading and comprehension

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