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Based in Ottawa and Toronto, WordTask offers more than 30 instructor-led writing courses across North America in three formats, available as classroom or virtual eLearning sessions:

Founded in 1991, WordTask has become the business writing trainer of choice for a growing list of customers.

We specialize in customizing our courses with your document models and templates. All our courses are available in English and French.

WordTask News

WordTask to continue offering eLearning courses

During the pandemic, WordTask conducted real-time eLearning sessions of its courses, in either group or one-on-one coaching formats. In response to the high demand for them, we’re continuing to provide all our courses as virtual sessions, in addition to resuming our in-person classroom format as needed. Contact us for more information.

Now on our schedule! Public eLearning courses in plain language and writing email

WordTask is offering public Zoom sessions of our most popular  courses:

Customized courses on writing for policies and procedures

WordTask continues to offer its two-day course, Documenting Policy and Procedures, in both classroom and eLearning formats.

Designed for writers of policies–as well as the procedures and guidelines that support them–the course is ideal as an in-house session, addressing the specific templates and document samples of your group. For more information on our customization approach, contact us.


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