Our Customers

Since 1991, WordTask has offered in-house workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions and public sessions to customers in a wide range of business sectors in North America. Here’s a sampling:

Case study 1: Public sector—Federal organizations
WordTask has successfully met the challenge of the sheer size and diversity of the learner communities in Canada’s federal public service.

We have offered courses, such as the following, in both French and English, particularly to intact teams requiring learning solutions customized around their own document situations and models:

Case study 2: Public sector—Municipal organizations
The learning organizations of two of Canada’s largest municipal governments are currently using WordTask’s courses and support services for their employee learning programs. The following courses have been regularly scheduled for the full employee population or provided for intact teams in these city organizations:

Case study 3: Private sector—High technology
A company in Canada’s nuclear industry has incorporated two WordTask courses into its employee curriculum:

Our technical writing course gives the company’s scientific and technical staff the tools for writing maintenance and safety procedures, assessment reports and other required documentation more effectively and efficiently. In their course evaluations, participants have noted the value of learning consistent standards for style and structure, applicable specifically to technical documentation.

Our business writing course has helped administrative staff fine-tune their email and letters. Another popular feature with participants is the review of grammar rules.

Case study 4: Private sector—Consulting companies
Over the years, local and national consulting firms responsible for writing analytical information products for their own clients have come to WordTask for in-house training to enhance reports, letters and email.

Like many other businesses in the knowledge industry, these firms have recognized that their product is only as good as their writing skills. And WordTask courses, notably Writing for Audit and Evaluation and Excellence In Business Writing II, have given them crucial conventions, document models and editorial principles to meet their client needs.

Case study 5: Non-profit, associations and non-governmental organizations (NGO)
In the last 10 years, non-profit organizations, associations and NGOs have contracted WordTask to provide a variety of writing courses. Typical clients in this sector have represented a spectrum of interests and groups:

  • aboriginal issues and jurisdictions
  • health information and technologies
  • professional engineers
  • medical and dental professionals