To Register for a Public Session

Use this form to register either yourself as a participant or someone else if you are a learning coordinator or manager. You must complete a separate form for each participant you wish to register. If you need more information on completing this form, please contact Emma de Paul, our Training Coordinator.

If registering yourself as a participant, please enter NA in all fields in the section “Information on learning coordinator.” If registering someone else in your role as manager or learning coordinator, please complete both the section on the participant and the one on you.

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After receiving your registration, our Training Coordinator will contact you to confirm your enrolment.

Note: Not all of our courses are offered as public sessions. Do you want to verify your course dates in Ottawa or Toronto before continuing with the form?

Information on course

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Information on participant

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Before you submit the form, please verify that you have correctly selected your intended course date.

Information on learning coordinator (if applicable)
If you are a manager or learning coordinator who is registering the above participant, complete this section in addition to the section above. If you are registering yourself as the participant named above, enter NA in all fields in this section.

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