ku’dos n. (colloq.) Glory, renown. [Greek] Below are some good words from participants in our various courses. Our thanks go to them for permitting the use of their comments on this page.

Instructor & Materials
“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The material was excellent, and the instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful.”
-Danielle Doucet Strickland, bitHeads Incorporated

“A great mix of very useful techniques…. The case studies were excellent.” -Pat Ferguson, Cognos Incorporated

“…an excellent course. [The instructor] had tremendous energy.” -Janice Zinck, Natural Resources Canada

A Positive Impact
“It was easy to implement the WordTask approach to writing once we returned to work. The benefit to making the changes was great. We train new staff to see the light of the WordTask approach.” -Greg Mason, Prairie Research Associates

Focused on Results
“An extremely valuable course for adults in the technical field who have been away from the ‘school’ environment for quite sometime. A wonderful refresher course.” -Linda Nelson, Cognos Incorporated

“I was impressed by the technique and phased approach to writing. It will improve the quality and the speed of my writing.” -Simon Levesque, Department of National Defence (Canada)