Evaluation Methods


Our writing and presentation courses provide feedback at four levels:

Pre-course assessment
Prior to our writing and presentation courses, we request samples from participants. With the sample, your instructor evaluates the level of proficiency in the class as a whole. This assessment may also result in further customizing of course materials according to the additional needs demonstrated by the participants’ samples.

Survey on writing habits
A unique feature of WordTask training is our pre-source survey, a Web-based instrument through which participants tell us about their needs for, and interests in, the training. The survey asks participants

  • what they find difficult about writing or presenting
  • what their readers say could be improved
  • how they describe their present documentation process
  • how they currently use the computer as a writing tool

A useful self-assessment tool in itself, the survey also allows the instructor to focus the course objectives on the specific concerns that participants have about their writing.

Practice sessions
Evaluation of the participants throughout the course is provided by feedback from Practice Sessions that combine the theory with its application to the participants’ on-the-job writing tasks.

A distinctive component of this feedback is peer evaluation, in which participants review each other’s writing. This activity teaches writers the limitations and requirements of their audience in an immediate, one-on-one format. And, of course, your instructor also comments on the results of the Practice Sessions.

Post-course measurement
Feedback during the course is one thing; applying the techniques may be another. That’s why we encourage our participants to contact us with any further questions or issues that arise when they implement the writing process back on the job.

For many of our courses, participants can provide their feedback on the effects of the course on their writing by completing a web-based Post-Course Evaluation, a level-3 instrument in the Kirkpatrick model.

By email, phone, fax, or web, participants in our courses have priority access to a qualified WordTask expert to follow-up with them.