Excellence in Business Writing ll: Strategy & Persuasion

These days, business writing that leaves your reader bewildered or unresponsive violates what has quickly become a public standard of communications excellence. In today’s atmosphere of “quality first,” ineffective writing not only obscures your message, it also risks the credibility of your organization.

This two-day course offers a comprehensive writing process for strategic and persuasive documents, with techniques to sharpen your awareness of your readers’ needs and attitudes, to organize your ideas, and to spot errors in grammar and style. Excellence in Business Writing II guarantees you hands-on application of practical skills, with the attention of experienced, expert instructors. We offer a variation on this course designed specifically for writers working in internal audit and evaluation.

We frequently run this course as a public session. Check the current public schedules in Ottawa and Toronto.

Who Should Attend

  • Writers of strategic documents that must persuade, motivate, or provide compelling arguments using detailed information.
  • Specialists, such as economists and medical professionals, who work with detailed and specific terminology.
  • Managers who write high-impact documents.

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • plan documents that persuade
  • understand the function of strategic documents from the needs of the audience
  • research detailed information quickly and with focus
  • use the ‘Pyramid Principle’ to place your message front and center
  • use specific strategies for comparisons, evaluations, cause-and-effect analyses, and others
  • stay on track while writing quickly
  • recognize and correct common grammar and stylistic errors
  • eliminate business cliches
  • write clearly and concisely

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