Why choose WordTask?

WordTask Information Strategies boasts a large and comprehensive suite of writing programs. Since 1991, we’ve increased the diversity of our courses and the measurable influence of our training techniques on businesses and individuals.

So why choose us? Consider these WordTask advantages:

We’re not training brokers; we’re the training product!
We are not middle players, dependent on others for our curriculum. We own and control all of our materials, and we update them frequently. We train our instructors directly to guarantee quality and consistency.

And, without the middle players, our customer service is flexible and responsive–a direct link between your needs and our products!

Our curriculum appeals to a broad customer base.
We are the writing trainer of choice for a growing list of clients in all sectors of the economy–for good reasons:

  • Our wide range of courses is a testament to our knowledge of workplace writing in all its diversity. In short, we know how writing works in your business.
  • We’re flexible: we can conduct in-house sessions with as few as four participants at an economical small-group rate.

Our writing & editing service extends our expertise.
WordTask Write & Edit is the perfect complement to our outstanding training curriculum. You can now rely on WordTask experts to design, write, and edit your own documents. In addition, we’ll provide consultations to assist you in implementing the WordTask writing process in your own organization.

Ours is a comprehensive customer-service strategy.
Connected as we are to our product, WordTask customer service is true customer care–from the audience needs analysis up front to post-course evaluation and follow-up. And now the following services are part of the strategy:

  • Service-Link is a free customer support package that assists HR and training primes in advertising and managing the in-house delivery of our courses.
  • For your new employees, Jump-Start customizes our writing programs around the specific document templates and practices you rely on.

To us, writing is a measurable business process.
We view workplace writing as an integral business process, tied to other processes. Our approach goes beyond the mechanics of grammar and style to embrace quality assurance, improved productivity, and the writer’s increased confidence. And we’ll prove it with measurable evaluation methods, the data from which we’ll pass on to you.