Writing Technical Information Effectively

“The tips and tricks given in the course, as well as the four-phase
approach, will allow me to save time in my day-to-day work.”
– Marie Séguin, Social Development Canada

This two-day course is designed for technical specialists who must document their designs for products and services, but who may not consider themselves technical writers first and foremost. The course provides those writing skills required for clear, coherent, and useful technical documents. The course can be tailored to meet the specialized needs of in-house groups.

We frequently run this course as a public session. Check the current public schedules in Ottawa and Toronto.

A variation on this course, Writing Effective Technical Marketing Materials, is also available.

Who Should Attend
Anyone producing documents in a technical environment. Software and hardware developers. Technical and scientific specialists who routinely document their designs, concepts, or project status in reports. Systems analysts who document databases, software applications, or hardware for end users.

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • use an efficient writing process: planning, design, drafting, revision
  • recognize and apply three classes of technical documentation to your own work
  • maximize the computer as tool for planning and organizing your ideas
  • use quality-control methods to meet your reader’s needs and measure your document’s effectiveness
  • provide the right level of technical detail
  • apply techniques for writing technical descriptions and procedures
  • guarantee that information in the document is easy and fast to locate
  • write in a style appropriate to technical information
  • identify and correct the grammar errors that most often arise in technical writing

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