Writing on the Computer

We’ve all come a long way from the pencil-and-paper
method of writing. So why use the old approach
developed long before anyone ever heard of
computer-based writing?

In our courses, you will learn

  • why the structure, coherence, and logical flow in your documents can suffer from using the computer as a writing tool, if you’re not careful!
  • how to avoid computer pitfalls such as seemingly endless “circular revision,” ineffective style and structure, and lack of focus
  • how to create and benefit from document templates
  • how to adapt the traditional writing techniques to build clear and effective documents on your computer

WordTask gives you a proven writing process to plan, design, draft, and revise documents on screen, without wasting time or sacrificing quality, no matter what type of software or hardware you’re using. The course descriptions described on this Web site attest to our commitment to communicating quality by showing you how to match the task with the tools.