Documenting Business and Technical Requirements

“The course provides a logical framework for efficient document
– Christopher Edwards, Social Development Canada

This two-day course provides a comprehensive writing process specifically applied to those documents that describe business and technical requirements. Such documents have the very particular function of transmitting from the customer to the design community the precise specifications, needs, and business conditions leading to the right product or service.

Participants learn to improve their technical writing skills, while reducing the total time they spend on their requirements documents.

We strongly recommend that participants bring their documentseither completed or in progress—to the training session to allow the immediate application of the course principles to their own work.

A public session of this course has been scheduled for the Ottawa, Canada, area.

Who Should Attend
Those who routinely write specialized requirements documents, including the following professionals:

  • business analysts
  • product specialists
  • user needs analysts
  • others who produce business and technical requirements
  • reviewers of these documents

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • apply a “total-quality” writing process to requirements documents
  • realize time savings with a four-phase approach: planning, design, drafting, and revision
  • analyze the customer’s perspective on the requirements
  • understand the context for the requirements in the bigger picture of the product or service
  • apply structural models for business and technical requirements documents
  • use graphics and formatting conventions effectively
  • employ drafting techniques, pertaining to requirements documentation, for description and procedures
  • organize requirements clearly and succinctly
  • write recommendations that inspire action and confidence in the reader
  • recognize and correct common grammar and style flaws

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