Writing for Audit & Evaluation

“Fantastic course! Customizing the material to our
specific needs was extremely valuable.”
– Paul Potvin, Natural Sciences and
Engineering Research Council of Canada

This two-day course tailors the principles of business writing to the specialized needs of writers working in audit and evaluation. A variation on Excellence in Business Writing II: Strategy & Persuasion, this course provides advanced guidelines for documenting audit or evaluation findings persuasively, in terms that address the concerns of stakeholders of the audit or evaluation.

This course addresses the Treasury Board criteria for audit and evaluation used in the federal public service. Based on a sound documentation process, the course integrates efficient writing practices with the audit or evaluation processes.

We can customize the materials to include the specific reporting formats of individual groups.

Who Should Attend
Members of internal audit or program evaluation groups.

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • integrate the documentation process in the audit and evaluation process
  • address the needs of the audit and evaluation client
  • determine findings and relate them to one another effectively
  • support your findings with well-structured detail
  • use specific strategies for
    • describing and summarizing complex concepts
    • writing persuasive findings and recommendations sections
    • documenting procedural sections of your report
  • test your document’s effectiveness before your start drafting
  • stay on track while writing quickly
  • avoid common style and grammar errors

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