Making Effective Presentations

“I found the course very effective, and pertinent to my needs. I thought the video taping was an effective means of seeing how you actually implemented the lessons learned versus what you thought you were doing.”
– Jim Parisien, Tundra Semiconductor

Many people have difficulty summarizing complex information in presentations. Finding the right level of detail for the audience can often be as much of a challenge as communicating the ideas themselves.

This two-day course offers practical
advice for organizing, summarizing, and
presenting ideas effectively. Participants
develop and practice solid rhetorical
strategies, while receiving instant feedback
from the instructor.

Who Should Attend
Technical, scientific, or administrative personnel who give presentations to

  • summarize project status
  • explain difficult concepts in simple language
  • persuade their listeners and get their support

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • recognize the principles of good presenting
  • shatter some common myths about presenting
  • organize your presentation to ensure interest and continuity
  • position information to persuade, explain, or motivate
  • avoid the pitfalls of poor presentation structure
  • use a structure that saves you preparation time
  • anticipate and reduce opposition to your ideas
  • match effective style to the purpose of the presentation
  • control your speaking agenda
  • establish a physical presence quickly
  • project a sense of authority and confidence
  • control your voice, gestures, and speaking pace
  • appear natural even under pressure
  • handle conflict in question/answer sessions
  • work effectively with audio-visual devices
  • apply the above principles by giving a sample presentation with group and instructor feedback

(Video taping and review of presentations is an option, contingent upon the number of participants.)

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