Writing and Editing Services

With WordTask Write & Edit, you can tap into the expertise of our writing specialists. In addition to providing our writing training, we can write and edit your documents for you!

We recognize that, even with the training in writing skills, there are times when you need help in document preparation. Or you can use Write & Edit as part of an integrated program for document improvement, with our training programs supplemented by model documents that we prepare for you.

Count on WordTask for the following services:

Writing & editing

We provide complete writing and editing services, including the following:

  • research of source materials
  • audience needs analysis
  • writing of new documents
  • editing of existing documents

Document design

Document design entails the planning and organizing of the material of the document. We are specialists in this area, applying the highly successful WordTask design approach to your own documents. Our design services cover the following:

  • template design and revision
  • formats for effective procedural documentation
  • navigation models for documents that are not read consecutively, such as user guides and web sites
  • strategies for integrating text and graphics effectively

Consultation on writing process

An organization produces effective documents only when it applies a sound writing process. WordTask consultants can help you implement and maintain a process that

  • reduces writing time while improving document quality
  • guarantees consistency in the documents you produce
  • analyzes the intended audience precisely
  • encourages effective team-based writing
  • takes full advantage of the editor’s role

We are pleased to offer our consulting services in tandem with our training programs. With this combination, your organization gets high-quality training in writing techniques, along with the expertise to adapt the process to your specific needs.