Privacy Policy

The forms we use for pre-course surveys and course registration request job-related information, such as your email address, the types of documents you write, and your needs for our training products. And once you register for a course, we will often ask you to submit a writing sample.

WordTask is committed to the principles and practices of customer privacy. When we collect your information, we will protect your privacy through the following measures:

  • We will not disclose email addresses to third parties for any purposes whatsoever, including unsolicited marketing, surveys, and follow-ups.
  • We will use your email address only to contact you to clarify the information you have provided on a given form or to send you information on the course you will be attending.
  • The writing samples that you send to us as part of our pre-course assessment will be strictly confidential.
  • We will never use any part of your writing samples in course materials, nor will we disclose them to any parties.
  • We will use your writing samples solely to familiarize ourselves with your documents prior to a course.
  • We will never forward the information you provide on our forms or in your document samples to any other member of your own organization, such as managers or supervisors.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact us.