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Writing a business case?

We’ve fine-tuned our courses in writing business cases and associated documents for business planning, tailored to the unique contexts of the public and private sectors:

[Archived 28 Sep 2015]

WordTask can give you The Conversation AdvantageTM

WordTask now offers courses to make your business conversations do more work for you. The Conversation AdvantageTM is an innovative, invaluable learning solution for interpersonal communication. We’re pleased to supplement our current curriculum for written communication with this exciting program on tools and models for business conversations.
[Archived 29 Sep 2015]

Attention AOPHBA members

WordTask was a proud sponsor of the September 2015 AOPHBA Conference in Waterloo, Ontario. If your organization was represented at this event, you qualify for a discount on either an in-house session or the public session of our two-day Documenting Policy and Procedures in Ottawa on Feb 2-3, 2016.
[Archived 12 March 2016]

Two options for learning presentation skills

Now we’ve got two courses to improve your workplace presentations:

[Archived 27 Jul 2017]