Writing Media Releases

This one-day course is designed specifically for writers who must provide persuasive marketing information through media releases, balancing the promotional objectives of the organization with the factual information on an event or announcement that makes the content newsworthy.

With its focus on an efficient writing process, you will learn how to improve the quality of your media releases and to spend less time writing them. We strongly recommend that participants bring samples of media releases to the class to apply the course principles to their own writing.

We can customize the generic course below to include your examples of your documents or specialized topics.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who wants to write media releases quickly and effectively

Course Topics
In this one-day workshop, you will learn to

  • appreciate how media releases can accentuate your organization’s accomplishments
  • balance the promotional strategy with the announcement’s newsworthiness
  • develop a promotional strategy
  • structure the media release for quick reading
  • recognize and correct common grammar and style flaws

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