Writing Business Cases & Plans in the Private Sector

This two-day course provides a comprehensive writing process specifically applied to business cases in the private sector, where competitive strategy and cost-effectiveness figure prominently. These documents must often articulate complex business or technical requirements in a persuasive strategy that wins the reader’s buy-in. Through the course, you will learn the current conventions for writing business cases to secure funding for products and services within your organization.

For a related course specifically designed for public servants, refer to Writing Business Cases in the Public Sector.

We strongly recommend that participants bring their own documents—either completed or in progress—to the training session to allow the immediate application of the course principles to their own work.

Who Should Attend
Those who routinely write business cases that must clearly document the requirements, specifications, or user needs for their organizations.

Course Topics
In this two-day workshop, you will learn to

  • apply a “total-quality” writing process to business cases
  • develop your planning documents within the context of competitive strategy and return on investment
  • realize time savings with a four-phase writing approach
  • analyze the benefits and needs for the enhancements the business case proposes
  • understand the context for the project’s requirements in the bigger picture of the organization’s business objectives
  • develop persuasive strategies for business cases, including those for evaluating pros and cons, the viability of options, and their relationship to desired outcomes
  • use graphics and formatting conventions effectively
  • employ drafting techniques, designed for business cases, for description and procedures
  • organize business cases clearly and succinctly
  • write recommendations and options that inspire action and confidence in the reader
  • recognize and correct common grammar and style flaws

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