To Register for an In-house Session

Use this form to register a group in your organization for the in-house delivery of one of our courses. If you need more information on completing this form, please contact Margie Bermel, our Training Coordinator.

Note that there is no obligation in providing this information at this time. After receiving your completed form, our Training Coordinator will contact you to discuss your needs and organize the session with you.

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If registering your own group, enter NA in all of the fields in the section “Information on learning coordinator.” If registering a group in your role as corporate learning coordinator, please complete both the section on the group and the one on you.

Information on you and your group

Name of group leader/representative:
Job title/function:
Email address :
Telephone :
Name of group:
Number of people to train:

Course title, if known at this time:

Additional information about the group members, including their job functions and the documents they write:

Information on learning coordinator (if applicable)
If you are a manager or learning coordinator who is registering this group, complete this section in addition to the section above. If you are registering yourself as the group leader named above, enter NA in all fields in this section.

Name of training coordinator or manager:
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