Pre-Course Survey: Writing Operational Reports

Use the form below to let us know the needs and interests you have for the upcoming session of Writing Operational Reports in which you are registered. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. We use this information to tailor our courses to your needs.


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Information about you

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Writing in your job

1. What is your job function?

2. What percentage of your total job time do you spend writing operational reports?

3. Describe the operational reports that you write? For what purpose do you write these documents?

4. Describe the major parts or sections of your reports?

5. Do you have a template for your reports?



6. Do you use the computer as a writing tool? If so, for what parts of the writing process? Is your source material available on line, allowing you to cut and paste from other documents, or do you have to transcribe information manually from source information?

Improvement areas

7. What comments or complaints do your readers–such as managers, supervisors, or customers–make about your writing? Include in detail any issues of style, grammar, and the organization of your ideas.

8. Irrespective of what your readers say about your writing, what do YOU want to improve on by taking this course? Include things about writing that you find difficult, even if you do them well.

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