Post-Course Evaluation: For Writing Briefing Notes

We would like to know how the WordTask course on writing briefing notes that you recently attended has affected your work with briefing notes on the job. Your answers to the six questions below will allow us to relate the course objectives to the improvements you have noticed in your notes. We also hope the survey gives you a chance to reflect on how, and to what degree, your writing of briefing notes has changed.


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Information about you

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The process for writing briefing notes

1. Have you applied the writing process for briefing notes, that is, the specific techniques for preparing, designing and revising the note?


2. Have any factors in your job made the writing process difficult to apply?


3. By how much would you estimate that you have reduced the time spent on your briefing notes as a result of using the process?


4. Of the techniques offered in the course, which of them do you think have improved the quality of your briefing notes? (Select as many as apply to you.)

Defining the issue statement
Analyzing the audience for the note
Using top-down design, with central point first
Following guidelines on templates for notes


5. What improvements, if any, do you or your readers observe in your briefing notes since you started applying the process? (Select as many as apply to you.)

You achieve desired response from your reader.
Readers now see a more focused issue statement.
Readers note better style and grammar.
You now receive fewer revision comments.

Comments on improvements observed:

Strategies and techniques

6. In what ways, if any, has your attitude toward writing briefing notes changed since taking the course? (Select as many as apply to you.)

Less overwhelmed by writing briefing notes
More confident
More in control of your ideas
My attitude hasn’t changed

Comments on changed attitude toward writing briefing notes:

General comments on the course or its value to your work:

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