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Course content

1. Were the materials in your course workbook effective?

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2. Did the course materials address your own interests in workplace writing?

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3. What aspects of the materials were least useful to you, or least effective? What improvements would you recommend?

4. Did the case studies and exercises contribute to your understanding of the concepts covered in the coaching sessions?

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Coaching consultant

5. Was the consultant knowledgeable about the subject area?

6. Did the consultant effectively relate the materials your specific needs, interests, and circumstances?

7. Was the consultant organized?

8. Was the consultant responsive to questions and discussion points that you raised in the coaching sessions?

9. Did the consultant stimulate and maintain your interest?

10. Did the consultant devote sufficient attention to your own writing?

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Overall evaluation

11. What techniques given in the coaching sessions can you most readily apply?

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12. Would you recommend WordTask services to colleagues?

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