Our Instructors

All of our instructors have been personally trained in the WordTask writing process by Dr. Stephen de Paul, the company’s founder and president. Beyond their expertise in writing, these professionals are on our team because each has a genuine and proven aptitude for training in today’s workplace.

The WordTask approach is effective not only because it’s a tried-and-true method, but also because these instructors know how to work with people in the training room to apply that method to their needs:


Stephen de Paul, Ph.D., has worked with technical and administrative documentation since 1985. He founded WordTask Information Strategies in 1991, and has helped clients in the private and public sectors with their communications skills and processes. He has also taught part time in the Department of English at the University of Ottawa.




2013 Linda

Linda Hauch, Ph.D., has taught writing skills at the university level in both Canada and the United States since 1980. She is a specialist in English grammar and the writing process as it applies to the workplace. For WordTask, she teaches business and technical writing, as well as our workshop in English as a second language. Dr. Hauch has also taught literature and writing courses in the Department of English, University of Ottawa.


Jeff Richardson photo

Jeffrey Richardson, M.A., has worked as a freelance writer since 1983, and has taught writing since 1989. Mr. Richardson has extensive experience in teaching our writing curriculum to varied target populations, including hardware and software designers, finance personnel, medical and scientific researchers, and a diverse range of public sector employees. His perspective on persuasive and clear business writing supplements the WordTask training approach for effective business communication.




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Claudine McLeod est l’ancienne responsable du perfectionnement professionnel d’une compagnie multinationale spécialisée en aciers spéciaux à Orléans (France). Durant ses quinze premières années au Canada, elle a assuré le service en français pour plusieurs associations professionnelles au niveau national. Maintenant à son compte, elle enseigne le français aux anglophones, assure des travaux de traduction, de rédaction et de révision en français et anime des ateliers de formation pour le compte de WordTask Information Strategies.


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Elizabeth Sabbagh, B.A., CTESL, a certified instructor of English as a second language, has taught English literacy and writing to a wide range of learners since 1994. She brings to the classroom an extensive knowledge of English grammar and workplace writing, acquired through both a background in linguistics and real-world experience working in a variety of corporate and government settings.





Margie Bermel, training coordinator, has been with WordTask since 1996. She works with our clients on the planning and scheduling of courses. Margie is the primary contact for our clients for all matters of registration and customer service.