The Conversation AdvantageTM

Having effective conversations in the workplace is critical to business success. In today’s constantly changing work environment, there’s increasing need for collaboration, innovation and connection. These are all enhanced by strong conversation skills. Moreover, recent studies show that strong Conversation Intelligence is increasingly an essential leadership competency.

meetingIn many workplaces, people spend a great deal of time in conversations—either one-on-one or in meetings. Yet they have never received training in how to conduct effective and efficient conversations. So, not surprisingly, they come away feeling frustrated at the time and energy wasted.

The Conversation Advantage program strengthens the quality of conversations among your leaders, managers and teams. This contributes to greater connection, collaboration and creativity–resulting in better business results. In short, the program will help you to harness the collective intelligence, energy and talent of your work force. Now available from WordTask are the following workshops:

Mastering Conversation Intelligence (2 days)
This comprehensive two-workshop is ideal for new or intact teams that want to become highly effective in collaborating. In addition to learning new models and tools, team members gain insight into how they currently communicate and collaborate–and how they can change their interactions to be even more effective. This program is also perfect for leaders and managers who have identified interpersonal communication as a priority in their development.

Foundations of Conversation Intelligence (1 day)
This highly interactive one-day workshop is designed for leaders, managers and team members who want to improve their Conversation IntelligenceTM but have limited time available for training. In this workshop, they learn new models and tools they can easily put to use effectively in their workplace.

Follow-up tele-classes (60 or 90 minutes)
To ensure that participants implement and sustain their learning back in the workplace, we recommend one or more monthly follow-up tele-classes, professionally facilitated by the workshop instructor in a teleconference format.

For more information or to register, contact our Training Coordinator, Margie Bermel, at 613-825-4513 (toll-free 1-888-421-1105) or by email.